Ferrari F355 GTS

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Weekday Weekend Long Weekend Week
$999 / 24 hrs $1,898 / 48 hrs $2,697 / 72 hrs $4,196 / 7 days
100 mi 200 mi 300 mi 700 mi
Overage is $1.95/mile. Purchase miles in advance for discounted rates.
Ferrari enthusiasts—tifosi—know the legendary F355 as one of the company's greatest achievements, and it remains one of the most sought-after driving experiences for true purists who want to surround themselves with the sensations of sound and speed that the Prancing Horse logo symbolizes.

Lighter than its successors, the F355 is the last mid-engined V8 road car to be produced according to the late Enzo Ferrari's design ethos, and in both its ravishing outward styling and the technological design of its revolutionary and unique 5-valve engine, it is the philosophical culmination of the iconic line that began with the 308. Connoisseurs look past the F355's feature-laden and luxury-tuned descendants and see this car as perhaps the most beautiful, most aurally pleasing, and most viscerally rewarding car of its line ever to leave the factory at Maranello.

We offer the rare GTS version with a removable hard roof panel, which gives it both the open-air enjoyment of the Spider and the unmistakable style of the Berlinetta. And, of course, it's in the right colors: Rosso Corsa over tan leather.