Our Fleet

Ducati 1299 Panigale S

Since the fabled 916, Ducati has been defining superbike design and setting the trends all other manufacturers seem to follow. The 1299 Panigale S only continues that trend, and is the most powerful, hardest accelerating, and best handling motorcycle Ducati has ever produced.

With a better power-to-weight ratio than a Formula One car, the Panigale produces slightly over 200 horsepower, or about what you'd get from a MotoGP race bike of only a few years ago. Combine that with a plethora of technology, and you get a bike that is almost forgiving to ride, at least by Ducati standards. Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) offers clutchless upshifts and downshifts for even faster acceleration. Ducati Traction Control (DTS) allows you to actually use the full 200 horsepower in virtually all conditions. Engine Braking Control (EBC) automatically adjusts the ride-by-wire throttle bodies to provide just the right amount of engine braking under deceleration. Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) keeps the front end on the road without ruining the fun. Combine all that amazing technology with the most advanced ABS brakes on any production motorcycle, and you get a bike that is not only amazingly fast, but easy and enjoyable to ride.

The S model of the Panigale brings even more technology and performance to the table, with semi-active suspension and electronic steering damping, the Panigale S offers an entirely new level of performance not available on purely analog bikes.

Ferrari F355 GTS

Ferrari enthusiasts—tifosi—know the legendary F355 as one of the company's greatest achievements, and it remains one of the most sought-after driving experiences for true purists who want to surround themselves with the sensations of sound and speed that the Prancing Horse logo symbolizes.

Lighter than its successors, the F355 is the last mid-engined V8 road car to be produced according to the late Enzo Ferrari's design ethos, and in both its ravishing outward styling and the technological design of its revolutionary and unique 5-valve engine, it is the philosophical culmination of the iconic line that began with the 308. Connoisseurs look past the F355's feature-laden and luxury-tuned descendants and see this car as perhaps the most beautiful, most aurally pleasing, and most viscerally rewarding car of its line ever to leave the factory at Maranello.

We offer the rare GTS version with a removable hard roof panel, which gives it both the open-air enjoyment of the Spider and the unmistakable style of the Berlinetta. And, of course, it's in the right colors: Rosso Corsa over tan leather.

Audi R8

The Audi R8 is a supercar that surprises not only with its futuristic looks and amazing performance, but also in its versatility. The R8 is a supercar you really can use every day, offering superb comfort for those long road trips and precise handling when the road gets curvy.

The 4.2L V8 is possibly one of the best engines ever made, with a glorious exhaust note, ample performance, and screaming 8,300 rpm redline.

As you would expect from PRI, this R8 features the ultra-rare manual transmission, offering the most visceral experience to be had with this amazing supercar.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R

KTM nicknamed the 1290 Super Duke R “The Beast”, and for good reason. It offers a massive engine in a light, nimble chassis, with an aggressive personality that gives the bike a certain attitude that others lack. There are other “Streetfighter” style bikes, and then there’s the Super Duke, the gold standard of general lunacy on two wheels.

A super strong tubular chassis mated to superb WP suspension make the Super Duke a joy to ride even on long trips, somewhat unlike its superbike cousins. The massive torque of the V-twin engine and relatively low gearing makes the bike quite easy to ride around town at city velocities, yet opening the loud handle offers a surge of adrenaline that very few bikes can match.

Brute force isn’t all the Super Duke offers, however, with a host of technology that rivals any other manufacturer and actually makes the bike quite easy to ride. Adjustable ABS and traction control of a similar pedigree to the amazing Ducati Panigale make brief lapses much more forgiving, and turn what would otherwise be a nearly unridable bike into one that is enjoyable at virtually any speed.

Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG S

Mercedes has long been the benchmark for quality, luxury and style. The AMG cars have long been the benchmark for how hilariously fast it's possible to make a luxury car go. The CLS63 offers the latest twin-turbocharged 5.5L V8 engine, producing a massive amount of seamless power and torque at all speeds, coupled to a multiplate wet clutch semi-automatic seven speed transmission for complete control over the driving experience. Combined with a technological tour de force encompassing every dynamic of vehicle control, the CLS63 offers a driving experience and presence unlike any other vehicle.

The CLS63 is a four-door coupe that thinks it's a sports car, and can go from mild to wild with a single press of the AMG button, while 4MATIC All-Wheel-Drive keeps the fun coming even in less than perfect weather.

If you'd like to arrive in style, and return home in record time, this is the car for you.

Shelby GT350

The original Shelby GT350 became a legend due to its simplicity, performance, and iconic looks. The new GT350 continues that legend, with more than a few new tricks added. It used to be that a Mustang was a good starting point, a car that with the right modification, could be something really special. With the new Shelby GT350, Ford has provided those modifications from the factory, building what by any measure is an amazing American Supercar that can stand toe to toe with just about any other.

Starting with what amounts to the first truly new engine in the history of the Mustang, a flat-plane 5.2 Liter V8 that boasts a huge 526 horsepower, and a decidedly un-domestic 8,200 rpm redline, the GT350 was designed from the ground up to be a road racer for the street. In years past, the Mustang was mostly for going quickly in a straight line. With industry leading active suspension, utterly massive brakes, and super sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, the GT350 is all about going fast everywhere.

However, the GT350 isn’t just a race car for the street. It combines its raw power and technical goodies with a clean, functional interior made with only top-shelf materials, putting it on even footing with the best Europe and Asia have to offer. You also get a massive touch-screen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, and Shaker Audio, in the unlikely event you get tired of the unique, and downright angry exhaust note.

We think Carroll would have liked it, and we’re quite certain you will too.

Lotus Elise Turbo

"Simplify—then add lightness" was the credo of Colin Chapman, Lotus' famed founder. Though it debuted years after Chapman's death, the Elise certainly lives up to his philosophy, weighing less than a ton and giving the driver a more direct connection to the road or track than just about any other car. Lotus built this tiny machine out of fiberglass and aluminum and added nothing that wasn't necessary for its purpose as a track car with impeccable handling—and even removed a few amenities most people take for granted, like power steering and cupholders—just like Chapman would have wanted.

We couldn't help ourselves, though: we added a custom one-off turbocharger system, which nearly doubles the stock horsepower to 310, considerably outpacing the Elise's stablemate, the Exige (and even its high-end factory derivatives such as the Exige SC). We also installed a dialed-in Öhlins coilover suspension and enough carbon fiber to build a small airplane, eliminating as much weight as we added. The result of all this, even after sneaking in a custom iPod-integrated audio and satellite navigation system, is a fire-breathing monster of an Elise that will streak past even the craziest of supercars, while still retaining its fabled race-bred handling and startlingly good looks.

With this list of features, our turbo Elise is sure to be the baddest go-kart you'll ever drive.


Under the striking "flame surfaces" of the Z4 convertible resides the fabled, high-revving S54 inline-6 that powered the Euro-only BMW M3 CSL in 2003. This 343-hp power plant kicks the Z4 M into a completely new stratum of performance; and in keeping with the inspiration that made the M3 CSL such a lean and mean machine, BMW's M division stripped out the heavy electronics and driver aids that dulled the standard Z4's dynamics, leaving behind a stiffened engine bay, a sharper suspension, the exclusive variable M differential, and a notchy manual shifter with a direct clutch. The result is a car whose Spartan yet refined and comfortable interior lets you focus on the task at hand—taming a wild beast of a car whose extraordinary dynamic limits demand a firm grip.

The Z4 M's engine in stock form sounds mesmerizing pulling to 8,000 rpm—but it's just a little subdued for our tastes. We at PRI have taken it further with exhaust and induction tweaks bringing the output to a dyno-tested 360 hp. In many ways the Z4M is the last “pure” sports car to come from BMW, and the last to feature the inline-6 engine that traces its roots back nearly four decades.

Toyota Supra Turbo

The legend has been spreading far and wide since 1993, in import circles and beyond them, of the Supra: Toyota's over-engineered supercar. Originally designed to meet and exceed the performance benchmarks of Japanese competitors such as the Skyline GT-R, the fourth-generation Supra placed marques such as Ferrari and Porsche in its sights, capable of 181-mph speeds in bone-stock form.

"Bone-stock" is a state in which few tuners left their Supras, once they discovered the potential for building up these cars to truly ridiculous levels. YouTube videos abound of Supras boosted to 1000-plus horsepower pulling well into the territory north of 220 mph. To this day, the Supra is a car that immediately wins respect among import enthusiasts—an increasingly rare car, its legend growing with its rarity.

We at PRI have committed to introducing discerning drivers to the Supra by offering this professionally tuned and customized example. Rather than the sequential twin turbos of the stock engine, we have added a single (but very large) quick-spooling turbo that means acceleration like a kick in the butt as soon as you top 3000 rpm. Toyota Racing Development stability improvements, such as front and rear sway bars and strut braces, and Tein racing dampers turn this car into a matchless handler around quick corners. Under the super-lightweight wheels lurk upgraded brakes. In-house tuning brings our Supra's power output to 650 hp, enough to make a believer out of anybody who witnesses it. We’ve also added RaceLogic variable traction control and a fully featured audio and navigation system.

If you’ve always wanted to drive a Supra, this is your chance.

Ducati 916

The Ducati 916 is a legend, and rightly so; it is quite possibly the most beautiful motorcycle ever produced. It set the trends of superbike design for decades, and to this day represents all that is superb about Ducati. Styled by none other than Massimo Tamburini, the 916’s looks, performance and impact on the motorcycle world are so significant the bike was chosen as the centerpiece at the Guggenheim Museum’s The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit.

The 916 is more than a pretty face, with an incredible nine World Superbike titles to its name, and an exhaust sound that will haunt the dreams of even the most discerning gearhead. Unlike its modern siblings, the 916 has no electronic rider aids. You get EFI and that’s about it. The result is one of the most visceral, communicative riding experiences of any sportbike in the world. While the ergonomics can be somewhat challenging for larger riders, the experience more than makes up for it.

If you’ve ever wanted to ride the legend that started it all, this is probably the only chance you’ll get.

Lotus Esprit V8 Turbo

The Lotus Esprit is one of the longest-lived supercars in history, rivaling the Lamborghini Countach for its lifetime in production. Built to compete with the likes of the Ferrari 355, the Esprit V8 is in many ways the end of an era for one of the most storied car builders in the world.

The Esprit V8 traces its looks directly back to the original car, with nearly three decades of refinement giving the car better aerodynamics and a massive increase in power. The exceptionally compact and light weight 3.5L V8 wears twin turbochargers, and is the last engine Lotus produced in-house. It also happens to be one of the best engines anyone ever produced, offering a flat-plane crank growl unlike virtually anything else.

Ford Focus RS

Ford has been selling crazy fast hot hatchbacks in Europe for decades, but for whatever reason, they never thought to bring them home for the enthusiast market in the US. With the Focus RS, they did exactly that, and now you can drive what is probably the best rally car made on the streets where it was born.

The 2.3L turbocharged four-cylinder provides huge power, 350 to be exact, and piles of torque at virtually all engine speeds. The advanced four-wheel drive system isn’t just a traction band-aid— it is engineered to improve the car everywhere, and as such it send virtually all of the engine’s power to the rear wheels when necessary to provide a truly unique driving experience for an AWD car.

Handling is where the RS really leaves the competition in its dust. With two-way active dampers, the Focus can go from pleasant road trip to a terror of the twisties at the press of a button. The word “nimble” doesn’t even begin to define how quickly the RS is able to change direction. Forget being one of the best handling hatchbacks in the world, the Focus RS is one of the best handling cars in the world, full stop.

Superb Recaro seats keep you securely attached to the car, without becoming uncomfortable on longer trips, and Ford’s latest Sync system offers the best in touch-screen driven entertainment.

Yamaha WR450F Supermoto

It's little wonder that everyone who wants a Supermoto wants a Yamaha WR450F— it’s quite simply the best one out there. While other makes offer slightly more power, the WR450F sets the bar in reliability and smooth power delivery, making it ideal on the street or in the dirt. Electric start and EFI make it a pleasure to ride in all conditions.

Our WR450 is set up the way you’d want it— with a full exhaust, Warp 9 wheels, big brakes and LED lighting. This bike is available in either Supermoto or Dual-Sport configuration with DOT-rated off-road tires.

Aprilia RXV 450

The Aprilia RXV is what happens when a bunch of slightly crazy Italians get together and decide to make the ultimate dirt bike. While most motocross-style bikes feature a modest single-cylinder engine, the RXV has a very special V-Twin making nearly double the power of most single cylinder dirt bikes. Combine that with extremely light weight, and you have a rocketship on any surface.

Nothing rides, sounds, or goes quite like an RXV. Ours is modified with the gear you want, including hand guards, LED lighting, and an updated wiring harness for increased reliability.

The RXV is perhaps the most fun you can have on a dual-sport motorcycle, and ours is available with either DOT-rated off-road tires, or with street tires in Supermoto configration.