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Sports Car & Motorcycle Rentals

If you'd like to slip behind the wheel of one of our vehicles for a day, a weekend, or more, the process is quick, easy, and secure. Reserve the car of your choice using our convenient online application (just click "Reserve Now" for any car). We will work with you to make sure the car you want is available on the day you want it, and walk you through the process of confirming your insurance coverage and comfort level with driving high-performance cars such as ours. We'll also make sure to arrange the delivery of the car to fit perfectly with your plansif you're renting a Ferrari or a Porsche as a gift for a loved one, we'll be sure to help you keep it a surprise!

If you would prefer to reserve a car over the phone, please feel free to call us at 866-607-0084.

Our unique benefits include:

  • Pre-rental familiarization literature and videos to familiarize (and probably excite) you about your upcoming rental vehicle.
  • Delivery to and pick up from a location of your choosing, if desired, or you may pick up your rental from several convenient locations in the greater Tampa, FL area.
  • Personal orientation with the vehicle controls and options once your car arrives for your rental.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance, including towing, lost keys, fuel delivery, and any other reasonable assistance we can offer. We can also remotely unlock any vehicle via satellite should you accidentally lock the keys inside.
  • Free SunPass tag for use on all area tolls.
  • Top-of-the-line audio and entertainment systems with GPS navigation included in all vehicles, including maps and routes of excellent driving locations throughout the central Florida area. All of our cars also offer iPod connectivity, and the ability to play all CD/DVD/CD-R/MP3 media.
  • No refueling charges. You may return the vehicle with any amount of fuel.
  • User-customizable music repository. If you were wondering why we ask what kind of music you like on our rental application, it's so we can automatically upload selections based on your preferences to the car prior to your rental, from our one terabyte digital music library. Of course, you may also elect to use your own iPod in any of our vehicles.
Performance Experience

The PRI Performance Experience

Join us on a guided drive of a selection of our fantastic drivers' cars! Spend time in the driver's seat of each, getting to know their unique driving dynamics and handling characteristics, and enjoy some of the best scenic views and twisty roads that the greater Tampa region has to offer.

It's up to you when you want to schedule your event; it's an affordable and fun way to enjoy our cars. Makes a great gift! More...

Joy Ride

The PRI Joy Ride

Want the thrill of a ride in some of our exhilarating sports cars, but can't do the driving yourself? No problem—sign up for the PRI Joy Ride! Select a lineup of our vehicles and we'll take you on a tour of some of Florida's excellent challenging and wide-open roads, where you'll get to experience the best of our performance machines as driven by our professional staff.

An ideal choice for kids, international visitors, or car lovers of all kinds for whom driving isn't an option. Contact us and let us give you a day to remember! More...

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

It's the perfect way to show that special someone in your life that you know just what they want. A PRI gift certificate gives the recipient the ability to cash in on any of our rentals or services, at the date of their choosing.

It's a great way to keep things a surprise, without having to let the cat out of the bag by planning for a certain date or asking revealing questions about which of our cars they'd most like to spend the day in! More...

Video & Photo Services

Film, Video, & Photo Services

If you need a performance vehicle for your film or TV production, look no farther. Our founders have extensive experience in the professional film and video industry, and can provide you with industry-leading production support with our vehicles. We can provide assistance with camera mounts, location scouting, logistics, equipment rental and rigging, as well as provide stunt drivers and stock footage at very reasonable rates. Please contact our film production coordinator for more information.

Weddings, Charity and Special Events

We are able to accommodate the gift of speed in many different ways, including 1-day rentals for charity events (subject to pre-approval), weddings, promotions or any other situation for which you may need something loud and fast.