1/30/2010 - New PRI Site!

We're pleased to roll out our new website! This design puts our awesome products front and center—letting you know right away what makes us different from the rest. PRI's technical expertise is all in-house, just like our mechanical expertise—it's what allows us to bring you exactly what you need, both in a website and in a custom performance car.

PRI has boasted the best online experience in the exotic rental industry since 2007, and we're reaffirming that with our new design which shows you our cars' prices and features right away and guides you smoothly through a secure and hassle-free reservation process. You can buy gift certificates for loved ones too, with our SSL-secured site generating the certificate right away for you to download and print.

Our secure Customer Portal allows our repeat customers to log in and place a reservation with only a couple of clicks—just the thing for reserving a car in the middle of the night when nobody's around to answer the phone and you need to get an adrenaline-pumping exotic lined up for the weekend.

What's more, we're streamlining the ways for you to find out about our unique offerings such as the PRI Performance Experience and Joy Ride programs, which have proven to be some of our most popular services with customers whom we've helped come to appreciate some of the excellent driving roads in the New York area.

We welcome you to the next stage of PRI's growth; come celebrate it with us this spring!

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